How Much Should I Charge For My Services?

How to Properly Price and Package your Services for Profitability and Better Results for your Clients

Your prices can make or break your coaching, consulting, or wellness practice.
Your prices position you in the market as cheap, average, or higher-end.
Your prices affect what type of client you get: one that takes action and sees great results, or one that doesn’t take personal responsibility for their results and complains a lot.
Your prices determine whether you need 10 new clients a month or 5 to be sustainable.

Consultants and coaches and wellness practitioners are often confused about how much to charge for their 1:1 services, and make the mistake of looking at what other people in their area are charging and thinking that’s what they’re supposed to charge too.

But this is a mistake. What other people are charging has nothing to do with your expenses, your income needs, the amount of time you have to serve clients, or the transformation you provide for your clients and the impact you have on your clients’ finances, health, or relationships.

So how much should you charge for your 1:1 services? Find out here.


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How Much Should I Charge For My Services?

This lesson contains a 25-minute training video plus a powerful pricing and packaging calculator download - FREE!

This is the same calculator I use with my 1:1 and group coaching clients to determine the proper pricing of their packages and services. 

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