Get Support, Structure, and a Step-by-Step Action Plan to Streamline and Grow Your Practice.

Hi, I’m Joanna.
I help innovative practitioners that are skilled at their craft and passionate about what they do, build profitable and sustainable businesses.

Attract high-quality clients. 
Provide even better results for them. 
And make good money doing it. 

Available Products

The Client Champion Formula™️

Deep dive into the revolutionary CCF framework in this 4-part masterclass. You'll learn this unconventional path to building a transformation and profitable practice that the most successful practitioners use - so you can start applying it in your business too.

5 Shifts to Get Long-Term Clients and Steady Predictable Income

Get more leads, more clients and more money in your door - WITHOUT MORE MARKETING! This masterclass shows you exactly how. 

Join Joanna for a presentation that will knock your socks off with tons of valuable information and a mindset shift you can start applying today!

Get Long-Term Clients Program

Imagine how great it would be to build your business with motivated, long-term clients, and with predictable, steady income. What kind of difference would that make to your business?

This program will show you step-by-step, how to design the right long-term packages that get your ideal clients the best possible results and provide you steady, predictable income.

How Much Should I Charge For My Services?

Your prices can make or break your coaching, consulting, or wellness practice. If you're wondering how to properly price and package your services for profitability and better results for your clients - this is for you.

So how much should you charge for your 1:1 services? Check out the free training and calculator tool to find out! 

The Business (R)Evolution Academy

A unique business development program for innovative wellness practitioners and coaches.

If you're tired of the constant grind, and ready to implement a repeatedly proven framework for purpose, profit, and impact... you're finally in the right place.

Legal Resources for Practitioners

Ensure you have all the legal pieces in place for your practice with this set of professional (and easy to understand) legal resources and templates.

Feel confident knowing your practice is protecting itself and your clients with these easy to use and fully legal templates created by a licensed lawyer!

Sales Tracker Spreadsheet

What gets measured gets managed right? I developed this fantastic sales tracking spreadsheet for my 1:1 clients and they saw an increase in sales almost overnight... just from tracking them!

Watch the quick training and start using this free sales tracker in your business today!

How to Convert 80% of your Leads into Clients

An overview of The Predictable Sales System for practitioners and coaches to powerfully enroll great-fit, aligned clients in long-term programs and packages.

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